We have a large selection of images available for use. Unlike other Stock Photography companies, we charge a flat rate and do not charge dependant on your usage.

With other companies, the total cost of using an image can be thousands of dollars if the image is used in a big advertizing campaign or in a magazine with a large circulation.

At flexfoto, the cost is fixed at $199.  This includes unlimited exclusive rights.  In other words, once an image is purchased, it is removed from our website and never sold again.

Usage includes any publication.  We also allow manipulation of the image.

The only restriction on the image is the reselling of the image to a third party.

The images we sell for Stock will not be made available on our Royalty Free CD's.

Please send us an email request stating your image requirements (e.g. Beach at sunset etc.) to info@flexfoto.com or call us at (905) 718 9445.


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